The South African’s Guide to Global Investing

The South African's Guide to Global Investing written by David A Joshua. Published by Penguin Random House

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Compelling – Why you should invest offshore

As a professional Certified Financial Planner, one of the questions we are most often asked by clients, is how much should one invest offshore? If this is your question, then this book is for you irrespective of where you are in your life’s journey.

In a nutshell, David alludes to the fact that we need to take an international perspective on investing. Diversification, Wealth creation an preservation are critical components of any portfolio and it makes absolutely no sense to have all your wealth concentrated into a 1% economy, missing out on the other 99% of global opportunities that exist outside of our borders.

David goes on to describe the history as to why South Africans tend to have a home bias when it comes to investing. It is only when you start to unpack this fact in context of his very accurate economic overview on the long term structural challenges that we face as a country, that the answer to your question becomes blatantly obvious.

In a nutshell, its an excellent read that will make sense even to the most non economically minded of reader. In my opinion, it’s one of the best reads on the topic.

Eric Scheepers, Professional Certified Financial Planner

“Great book, nearly finished it in one sitting. A must read book for all South Africans it will change your view and provide you with useful tools for investing abroad.”

Ben Pearse

 “I purchased this book initially in Durban, in hard copy, while on holiday and devoured it in a week, it was so fascinating and easy to read and understand! I have now just purchased the eBook version for a second read through and for easier access and reference.

The flowing style of writing and the introduction and explanation of concepts makes understanding the fundamentals of global investing easy now, in my opinion. The book has really clarified a previously opaque area for me. I had shied away from offshore investments previously, as I had only a superficial understanding of them and had struggled to get advice I could trust from others locally, and specific to us as South Africans. David conveys his deep knowledge in a no nonsense and fair manner, explaining the pros and cons of investing on your own and together with a financial advisor or wealth manager, with a great South African perspective.

I am now confident that I can put the basics in place quickly and relatively easily following the steps and advice outlined in this book. I am now looking forward to diversifying my portfolio and taking advantage of the “99% of the global market” that is out there. A highly-recommended reading for anyone interested in learning about the fundamentals of building a solid global portfolio.

Dr Anith Chacko

Most South Africans fail to reap the profits of investing internationally. This book gives you the power to change that by harnessing global growth, and providing the blueprint the best investors in the world use to preserve and grow their wealth.

After reading this book you will understand;

  • Why South Africans make sub-optimal investment decisions, and how they can overcome their subjective biases
  • The power – and necessity – of investing with a global mindset
  • How to harness global growth to generate compounding, Einstein’s ‘eighth wonder of the world’
  • How and when you should exchange your rands for hard currency 
  • How to align your life goals with a specific investment strategy   
  • Why emotions are the enemy of investors, and what strategies you can use to keep your decision-making rational

David A. Joshua is an offshore investment expert. In this book, he integrates concepts across economics, behavioural psychology and history to provide readers with the strategies required to achieve financial freedom. Failure to act in accordance with these fundamental principles leads to compound future suffering, while executing the basics now can provide a stress-free – perhaps even enjoyable – investment journey. It’s within everyone’s power to make the best of their financial situation. This book is designed with one aim in mind: to give you competence with the investments your future depends on.  No one cares more about your future than you: read this book, implement the fundamental truths it contains, and take control of your financial destiny.

This book is essential reading for South Africans seeking to achieve financial freedom.

You can purchase a copy here.

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